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What is Angel   Spirit Healing 

Angel Spirit Healing is an alternative healing method for enhancing physical, mental, emotional, personal, and spiritual growth. Angel Spirit Healing is form of spiritual energy healing that can be used in conjunction with seeing a counselor or medical doctor. Techniques may include Certified Angel Card Readings,

Reiki healing sessions, flower essence remedy and aromatherapy consultations, aura cleansing and chakra balancing.


Some seek Angel Spirit Healing to maintain a peaceful and harmonious

life while the majority of the clients who seek me for Angel Spirit Healing are looking for a fresh start in areas related to:

  • Emotional distress/anxiety

  • Lack of self-esteem

  • Physical illness

  • Relationship issues (to include with parents, families, and friends)

  • Stress

  • Depression


How Does Angel Spirit Healing Work?

Angel guided spiritual healing can be effectively accomplished locally in the office as well as across the country by telephone, face-to- face online alternatives such as Skype or FaceTime, or through e-mail. During your session, I clear myself of any negative energies or auras before channeling to connect with your angels. This is done so that I can focus on you and your needs. Once I am connected with your Angels, they are able to assist you with clearing negative energy and “blocks” you may be experiencing.

How Does My Angel Spirit Healing Differ from Others?


Being a Christian, I pray and meditate prior to seeking guidance and healing for my clients so that I can be the clearest possible channel for spiritual energies. This being said, I do not force my religion on others. Other practitioners only provide clients with spiritual counseling and direct messages from the Angels. I am able to not only connect with your angels, but I also have the intuition to help you interpret their meaning and application meant for you in your daily life. 


During an Angel Spirit Healing with me, sometimes the outcome is not what is expected as you may ask for something that is not the root of the problem, pain, or illness. Angel Spirit Healing techniques offered by me usually incorporate more than a simple conversation for healing. My techniques also work on the root of the issue instead of the symptoms. I have experienced times when a client asks me for one thing but really wants clarification on something else but are afraid or embarrassed to ask. In this case, the answers provided to you from the angels may not make since to me. This is because the “real” question is what is answered in the reading or during the healing session.


I am also a certified angel card reader and through these readings am able to connect with your angelic guides and provide you with insights on questions you may have about past, present, or future decisions as well as any concerns you may have related to your life purpose, relationships, and health.

Angel Spirit Healing is not a counseling, psychotherapy, nor a form of conventional medical treatment. 

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Energy Healing


Reiki Master, chakra balancing, aura cleansing and aromatherapy sessions available in person and at a distance. Find out more about how it works here.

Angel Readings


Certified Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader, available by email and locally in person.

Learn more about angel cards.


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Package Deals


Enjoy the best of both -- get a healing and reading session in person at my Florida location and leave with selected spiritual tools.

Get details here.

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Types of Spiritual Tools I Use

Image of a pink himalayan salt lamp
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Image of various colored crystals and polished gemstones
Image of 4 sets of angel cards
Angel Cards
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  What Are Spiritual Tools  

Spiritual tools are items that either help raise your personal energy vibrations for optimal health and happiness, or those that assist you in receiving and interpreting intuitive wisdom from the angels and other divine sources. From crystals, to Himalayan salt lamps, angel cards, to aromatherapy oils and more, you will soon find the most affordable tools here. All spiritual tools I'll be offering here are ones I have personally selected and tested to provide the highest quality benefit for my clients and the public.

Stay tuned for this exciting addition to my website. And sign up here to be notified when shopping can begin!

Classes & Events

  Classes & Events  

From time to time I offer online and in person classes in various forms of Angel Spirit Healing, including Angel Basics, Reiki for Pets, Aromatherapy for Stress Reduction.  Make sure you don't miss any upcoming classes by signing up for my newsletter here.

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Angel Spirit Healing

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