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Angel Card Readings

The word angel means messenger. Angel cards are tools to aid those seeking guidance or who may have questions about their future. These readings are done through loving connections between angels and the card reader to provide messages of clarity on concerns one may have. These harmless but insightful readings can be done over the phone, in person, or online.

Angel cards focus on the positive elements of life, and the beneficial changes that the angels are supporting you in making.


A primary benefit from an Angel Card Reading is that it can assist you with looking at past influences on your life, present conditions, and potential outcomes for the future.


In addition to answering general questions like “what do the angels and archangels want me to know”, you may ask specific questions.


Angel Card Readings can answer questions in most any area of your

life. Some examples are questions related to:

  • Love and Romance

  • Guardian Angels

  • Relationships (even with parents, family, and friends)

  • Life Purpose

  • Health

  • Finance

There are certain types of questions that Angel Cards cannot answer. These would be questions related to:

  • Predictions

  • Who is my soul mate, when will I meet her /him

  • Yes or no questions


I am proud to say that I received my prestigious training and Angel Card Reading certification from one of the creators of angel cards. In the work of Angel Spirit Healing, I work closely with Archangel Raphael (known for healing) and Archangel Michael (associated with protection, faith, and will of God). I am able to offer multiple types of Angel Card Readings to include:

Basic Angel Card Readings

$60 -- Past, Present, Future

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Enhanced Angel Card Reading 

$70 -- Past, Present, Future 

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Premium Reading

$90 -- Past, Present, Future


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Card-a-Week Reading

$129 - Spans 3 Months

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6 Months of Readings

$249 - 1 card per week

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Request your reading now via PayPal and I'll be in touch for more details.

Image of oracle card for angel Fiona
Image of oracle card for angel Serena
Image of oracle card for angel Adriana
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Angel Spirit Healing

By Email
By Phone
In Person
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