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About Angel

How did I get the name Angel? When asked this question, I can not help but to think of my grandmother, who is now deceased. When I was a young child I asked my mother why did she name me Angela. She responded by saying to me “before you were born…when you were in my stomach, your grandma named you Angel”.


Ever since I can remember, my grandmother always greeted me as and

called me her Angel. In my adulthood, many continued to call me by the name “Angel”. My peers, colleagues, and leadership in the workforce say the name “Angel” is fitting of me as I am a gem that has

such an angel spirit.

I was raised in the Christian background, and am still a practicing and extremely spiritual Christian today. At a very young age, I was able to experience the fact of knowing angels are real and that we all have

them assigned to us.


On two occasions (in two different states) when my sister and I were in immediate danger, my guardian Angel appeared allowing me and my sister to both physically see her as she verbally directed us to safety. I remember in the latter experience, my guardian angel was surrounded

by a very bright white light. It was not a frightening experience at all and I appreciate the fact that my sister was there in order to validate what I saw and heard was indeed real.

As I matured in my adulthood, I continued to explore my spirituality. Due to a very emotional trauma and other medical concerns, I was led to explore meditation practices with crystal healing and chakra

aura balancing. I found these spiritual tools to really work and they were a tremendous help to my healing and restoration process.


The practices I learned at that time are now an important part of my

lifestyle. Working in the mental health field, I continue with using the tools mentioned, later seeking spiritual guidance on, researching, and incorporating Angel Card readings and Reiki healing to assist me

with keeping negative energies out of my aura and to keep my chakras in balance.


The practices I have learned have allowed me to stay rejuvenated and refreshed as I continue to help others with their emotional, physical, and spiritual healing needs.

There is so much more I could say about me, angels, and angel spirit healings, but I will keep it short. I found that angel spirit healing is something that worked for me and others I have helped. Angel Spirit

Healings can also be beneficial to those looking for a natural way to feel better and based on progress, over time Angel Spirit Healing can also lead you to the conversation you have been waiting for…the

conversation with your doctor about medication reduction.

I look forward to sharing individualized Angel Spirit Healing with you!

Image of Angela Jones, angel spirit healer

May the healing angels

surround you

Image of white angel wings

Angel Spirit Healing

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