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Angels are messengers of God.  You may have heard stories of angels revealing themselves to others, and even speaking with others to provide messages, insight, or guidance.  Angels speak to all humans.  Angels typically do not speak using human words and they use a gra...

Angels Are Real

Angels are indeed real, and are a commonality amongst several spiritual beliefs and religions. Being a Christian, I have read in the Bible’s various excerpts where angels date back prior to the birth of Jesus; angels even proclaimed the birth of Jesus to...

Going Back To Your ABCs

Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

Have you ever wondered if there was an angel watching over you? Maybe sometime or another you have said to yourself “someone is looking out for me”, or “I had a gut feeling”? These intuitions or gut feelings more than l...

The card drawn for today is that of Archangel Michael, perhaps the most well known of all the angels. Often depicted with a sword, Michael is considered a powerful protector, and one to call on when you are feeling endangered in some way.

Michael not only protects us fr...

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