Energy Healing

Energy healing is a term that covers the several types of related techniques that channel spiritual forces to achieve relief from distress and an improved sense of well-being. Some of these techniques include:

  • Reiki

  • Hands on Healing

  • Vibrational Healing

  • Aromatherapy

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Aura / Subtle Body Cleansing

No matter the exact name given by the developers of these techniques, they all generally have one thing in common -- they direct or channel subtle energies to harmonize, integrate, and enhance your own life force.  


Clients typically report feeling calmer or that they feel more in harmony in body, mind, and spirit after having an energy healing session. Most people experience a release from stress, anger, fear, or grief, and a reduction of the tensions that these emotions create in the physical body. But energy healing techniques do not specifically treat disease or physical ailments per se.


You might relate energy healing to boosting your vital force, for the purpose of stress reduction benefits, as well as adding to inner peace.

About Reiki

Image of a woman receiving a reiki treatment with healers hands on her forehead and above her heart

Usui Reiki is a technique of flowing the spiritual healing energies of the universe where they are needed to restore optimal well-being and peace. The practitioner is the channel for these energies, using various hand positions over the body. Clients may feel some warmth or pulsing of energies, but it is not an invasive technique. Unlike massage or physical therapy, Reiki does not involve moving limbs or manipulating muscles. 

I am a certified Usui Reiki master with a number of years of experience in using this technique with clients. Reiki can be effectively received at a distance, usually with an initial and follow up phone call, and is also available in person in my office. 

Reiki has beneficial effects on:

  • general anxiety

  • motivation

  • confidence

  • fear

  • grief

  • stress

  • chronic pain

  • insomnia

  • general anxiety

  • motivation

  • confidence

  • fear

  • grief

  • stress

  • chronic pain

  • insomnia

$50 for 30 min

plus consultation

  • test anxiety

  • irritability

  • attention deficits

  • phobias

  • depression

  • guilt and shame

  • negativity

  • cravings

$90 for 60 min

plus consultation

About Aromatherapy

Image of an aromatherapy burner

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for their fragrance, and vibrational ability to assist the mind, body, and spirit in realigning towards a natural and healthy balance.

It is well known that various fragrances produce specific energetic reactions.  For example, the smell of bread baking tends to generate a feeling of comfort and hunger, while the smells of citrus, vanilla or lavender can induce a sense of well-being.

Beneficial aromas can be released into the air through incense or misting sprays, used in baths or heated bowls of water, and used directly on the skin in creams. Just a few small drops of the essential oil that produces the aroma are needed for therapeutic use.

Essential oils are different from flower essence remedies, which also have the vibrational ability to realign natural energies. While oils are made from many different parts of the plant and may be dangerous to ingest, flower essence remedies are made only from the dew collected from blossoms and are always safe to take internally.

$50 for 30 min

plus consultation

$90 for 60 min

plus consultation

About Chakra Balancing

drawing of person sitting in lotus position, with chakras labeled and shown in color circles corresponding to body locations

Chakras are the energy centers that help regulate various mental / emotional functions of every day life. Physiologically, they roughly correspond to the endocrine system, the network of hormone secreting glands that ensure optimal functioning of cells and organs. Emotionally and spiritually, the chakras deal with basic interpersonal functions, as noted in the chart above.


Fear, anger, grief, guilt, anxiety, shame, and other experiences can adversely impact the chakras ability to take in and distribute spiritual energies. When daily life is overly stressful, and when certain negative mindsets become habitual, the chakras are said to get out of balance.


When chakras need rebalancing, you may feel:

  • always tired

  • odd aches and pains

  • tight and stiff

  • cranky

  • always worried

  • always sad

  • unable to sleep well

  • impatient or frustrated

$39 includes 7 healing crystals

$69 includes bath salts & crystals

About Aura Cleansing

Everyone has an aura that envelops us. Composed of the subtle fields or bodies of energy that surround us, the aura acts something like a filter. And just like the air filter in your car, the aura can become clogged, dirty, or contaminated with negative energies being unconsciously sent out or unknowingly received from the emotional and cultural environment in which we live, or from the projections of negative people with whom we interact.

Meant to act as a protective barrier, the aura can absorb unwanted thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, negative expectations, low self-esteem, and negative self-talk that can affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Occasional cleansing of these subtle bodies removes the residue of unwanted thoughts, emotions, and after-affects of unpleasant memories. 

If you aren't feeling like your usual self, if you've lost touch with your sense of inner peace and happiness, it's likely that you would benefit from an aura cleansing.

$39 - Aura Cleansing with healing crystals

$69 - Both Aura & Chakra session

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