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Archangel Michael is the Great Protector

Image of a painting of Archangel Michael

The card drawn for today is that of Archangel Michael, perhaps the most well known of all the angels. Often depicted with a sword, Michael is considered a powerful protector, and one to call on when you are feeling endangered in some way.

Michael not only protects us from physical harm, but he also watches over our belongings whenever they might be at risk in some way.

And Michael is especially ready to guard us from running away with our fears and worries. This can be particularly useful when we are prone to having our fears slip into angry defenses and actions that we will be sorry for later.

Today, Archangel Michael reminds us that we are not alone, nor are we mere humans trudging through life without purpose or higher calling. As the card says, we are all part of the amazing Mystery that is the Divine, and as such we are more loved and appreciated that we can ever fully know.

When drawing the card for today, I was holding a question -- what is the one thing that so many of us need to here today, and who from the angelic realm is waiting to provide the answer.

This kind of question allows the angelic energies working through Doreen Virtue's many excellent cards to communicate most directly with earthly concerns.

If you would like an Angel Reading that is specific for you and your most pressing situation, I'd be most happy to hear from you.

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