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One Client's Experience of Distance Reiki

Image of an African American woman receiving reiki energy, with reiki master's hands hovering over her forehead

Reiki may be one of the world's most versatile healing modalities, in that it can be delivered in person, as depicted in the image above, as well as at a distance. Disrobing isn't even necessary, although some clients may be fortunate enough to have Reiki incorporated into a massage session, as shown here. As you can see, directly touching the person receiving Reiki is not necessary. This spiritual energy is directed by intentional, projected thought and divine will.

One client who has received Reiki at home from a Reiki Master 1600+ miles away describes her experience this way.

The Client's Experience

First, my Reiki Master gave me a phone call, just to review the process, and to hear first hand the energies present in my voice at that time. We talked a bit about what I hoped for as an outcome from the session, and then we hung up, and she went to work while I relaxed in a recliner with my eyes closed.

I tried not to think of anything in particular while she was working on me. I wanted to be able to notice any shifts in what I was feeling, and not be distracted by mental problem solving.

The first thing I noticed was a warm sensation of a kind of thick pulsing flowing into my head, almost like standing in a shower. I became fascinated with the sensation, and noticed that soon I could feel it moving into my chest, and then on into my legs. It was very gentle, pleasant, and calming.

After a while, I started to feel a little restless, like something inside of me was ready to get up and get going with the day. I learned later that this was about the time that the Reiki Master was finishing up the session. It was like a sweet little, very welcomed, burst of motivation after having been down with a bad cold for a few days.

Later that night, I realized that I wasn't coughing, my sore throat was gone, and I felt pretty good. Now I recommend Reiki to all my friends.

The Reiki experience is different for everyone.

Some may feel nothing but a deep sense of relaxation. Others, like this client, may be aware of various bodily-felt sensations as the Reiki energy works in them. Often beneficial results are noticed right away, and sometimes it takes several sessions for the energy to work through one's emotional armor.

To find out more about how Reiki can help you, contact me now.

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