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What to Know about Chakras and Chakra Balancing

There are 7 main chakras in the body, which are ssociated with the flow of energies. Most commonly they are discussed as ranging from the base of the spine (Root chakra) to the top of the head (the Crown chakra. The seven main chakras, their locations, and a few areas of the body they stimulate are

as follows:

Chart of chakra symbols and colors, with notations for when chakras are in or out of balance

1. Root chakra

Located at the base of the spine

Relates to reproductive glands and sexual development

Regulates physical energy, passion, security, stamina, grounding

2. Sacral chakra

Located at the lower abdomen/sacral vertebrae (lower back) area

Relates to adrenal glands, immune system and metabolism

Regulates pleasure, productivity, optimism, enthusiasm, emotion

3. Solar plexus chakra

Located in the naval area

Relates to the pancreas and metabolism

Regulates the freedom to be one’s self, personal power, logic, humor

4. Heart chakra

Located at the center of the chest, near the heart

Relates to the thymus gland, and immune system

Regulates communication, love, social, expression on spiritual, mental, and emotional levels

5. Throat chakra

Located at the throat

Relates to the thyroid gland, body temperature and metabolism

Regulates inner peace, calmness, love, honesty and self-expression

6. Third-eye chakra

Located between the eye brows

Relates to pituitary gland, produces hormones that govern other glands

Regulates intuition, psychic abilities, imagination, enlightenment

7. Crown chakra

Located at the top of the head

Relates to the pineal gland and biocycles

Regulates intuition, imagination, meditation, divine conscious

The chakras are places where vital energies are received and emitted. They can at times get out of balance, affecting one’s aura and some of the areas mentioned above. Negative energies derived from stress, loss of a loved one, fear, anxiety, an accident, or emotional upset can cause the chakras to malfunction, therefore getting out of balance.

In order to regain or sustain a healthy and harmonious system, the 7 main chakras within the body must get back and remain in balance.

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or having an emotional disturbance, your chakras could be out of balance. I am here to help. When you are feeling negative energies that are “just not yourself”, your chakras are possibly either spinning slowly or may even be blocked, affecting how you feel and the vibes you give off (your aura).

This in turn can influence your thoughts, moods, feelings, and your disposition, as well as how others respond to you.

If your chakras are not functioning normally, a chakra balancing energy

healing session can help. If you feel you are suffering from an imbalance of your chakras or would just simply like to recharge, chakra balancing is a good idea.

Chakra balancing is also beneficial for clinicians such as counselors, therapists, psychologists, and doctors as well as emergency professionals like law enforcement and firefighters who work with people in distress everyday, as this is a way to keep yourself rejuvenated and remove negative energies from your aura.

I offer individualized healing sessions, crystal healing sessions based on the colors associated with the chakra needing balancing (see picture above), and other healing tools to assist you with getting back on track. Contact me now to learn more.

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