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Do I Have a Guardian Angel and How Can I Find Out My Guardian Angel’s Name?

Going Back To Your ABCs

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Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

Have you ever wondered if there was an angel watching over you? Maybe sometime or another you have said to yourself “someone is looking out for me”, or “I had a gut feeling”? These intuitions or gut feelings more than likely are from your guardian angel. Yes, we all have guardian angels assigned to us.

Most of us have at least 3 guardian angels, 2 of which we are born with, others that come into our lives over time. Your guardian angel wants to not only guide, but also protect you, however, it is up to you to listen.

How Can I Find Out My Guardian Angel’s Name?

I am extremely intuitive and have spiritual gifts that God has blessed me with, however, I am unable to give you the name of your guardian angel. It has been revealed to me by the angels and my spirit guides that angels do not like to give angel readers or others their name, however,

they will share their name with you directly. Your guardian angel’s desire is for you to figure out their name on your own because this is a very intimate relationship and your angel wants you to feel comfortable connecting with them.

Do not be discouraged. All you have to do is go back to your ABCCs:

  • ASK your guardian angel for their name

  • BELIEVE and you shall receive

  • and the name will be CLEARLY COMMUNICATED.

Receiving the name of your angel is simple, however, patience and open-

mindedness are extremely important.

There are several ways to obtain the name of your guardian angel. In order to obtain your angel’s name, ensure your mind is clear. You may do this through finding a quiet place for meditating, praying, gardening, listening to music, or whatever it is you like to do to relax.

Once you have relaxed, you can simply ask your guardian angel to reveal their name. As previously stated, if you ask, you will receive!

Sometimes the name is revealed over time, sometimes it may take days, months, and in some cases, years.

For this reason, again I say to you, patience is a virtue.

In some cases, you may have asked your angel for their name and feel you are not getting a response. It may be that your angel is trying to share their name with you, but you are not listening.

If you continue to see a thing or word, this could be your angel’s name. For instance, you may keep getting roses, pebbles, or seeing a certain word written different places such as on name tags, magazines, or billboards.

Maybe you continue to meet individuals with a particular name, or maybe a word or name keeps coming to your mind, or you woke with a name you remembered from a dream.

This word is not conveniently continuing to show up, but more than likely is your guardian angel’s name. Please keep in mind that angels do have to have a “human” name and the name may be something that you are not expecting.

If you receive a name that you do not think is your guardian angel’s name, try and accept it anyway. You can also ask your guardian angel for signs to confirm this is their name. Your angel will gladly grant your request as they want to give you the confirmation you need.

When dealing with angels, always remember your ABCC….Ask, Believe, and what you ask will be Clearly Communicated to you!

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