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Why Do Angels Talk to Some People and Not To Others?

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Angels are messengers of God. You may have heard stories of angels revealing themselves to others, and even speaking with others to provide messages, insight, or guidance. Angels speak to all humans. Angels typically do not speak using human words and they use a gracious and loving language that is only spoken in heaven. This being said, angels have more than likely communicated with you and you were unaware. Angels tend to communicate with humans through what humans interpret as intuition or gut feelings. Angels also speak through signs, and when this occurs, many humans respond with… “what a coincidence”.

Some of the ways angels communicate with humans are through:

  • Visuals: Seeing something on a billboard or somewhere else repetitively; repetitively being directed to the same as words, phrases, objects, or pictures

  • also known as “what a coincidence”

  • Dreams: Deliverance of a message or answer through a dream

  • The Rule of 3: The same message being brought to your attention 3 times

  • also known as “what a coincidence”

  • Radio: Hearing a song that stays in your head – this song could be just the song you needed to confirm something

  • also known as “what a coincidence”

  • Television: Turning the TV on and something is being said that answers a concern

  • also known as “what a coincidence””

  • Writings: Out of nowhere running across a letter or a book that pertains to what you are going through or gives you an answer you need

  • also known as “what a coincidence”

  • Conversation: A friend or stranger having a conversation with you about something without the knowledge that what is being shared is the answer to something you have been seeking guidance

  • also known as “what a coincidence”

  • Energy: Sending you high levels of energy also known as that tingling feeling or “getting the chills”

Angels enjoy making humans happy as they consider humans very precious beings. Angels would love to communicate with you. After reading this, I hope that you are now comfortable knowing that angels have spoken to you and this is nothing to be afraid of. You can meditate or pray for a closer relationship with angels. You may also start or magnify a relationship with angels by going back to your ABCCs (ABC’s):

  • Ask for a relationship of communication with angels

  • Believe….and be open to receiving

  • Clear Communication

In other words, ask and you shall receive!

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